Hi I am a very sexual and sexual minded queer/pan trans woman and this is a celebratory tumblr of all the things that I love that are naughty, fun, and sexual. This is all very NSFW, adult, and 18+ (if you are under 18 please unfollow and leave immediately) and a celebration of what I find sexy and turns me on; it is POC, body, queer, trans, kink positive and affirming as well as various other things. Enjoy! :D

PS - That avatar is not me but I wish it was and it is sexy as fuck!

PPS - I apologize but some may be triggered by my page. If so apologies and if you have any constructive criticism (or criticism at all) do feel free to voice that to me. I would love to make this more inclusive and safe, so do feel free to contritbute.
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